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About JCU's Pharmacy School

A pharmacy degree can take you further than you ever imagined. Demand is high for pharmacists across northern and rural Australia, and highly skilled health care professionals that graduate from pharmacy schools are sought after by employers everywhere.

JCU’s Pharmacy School could be your first step to a successful career in health. Whether you want to work in a rural setting or in a busy metropolitan hospital, there're many exciting career opportunities for graduates with a Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours).

A degree and the job is important, and students should leave pharmacy schools with the qualifications necessary to join the Australian Pharmacy Council.

At JCU, your pharmacy course allows you to register as a pharmacist student with the Australian Pharmacy Council. Your tertiary studies are accredited by the Council, and after graduation, you may be eligible for professional registration through the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

With a pharmacy degree, you have many options for your future career. While most people think of a degree in pharmacy leading to a job as a pharmacist, there are also other health care sector jobs you can pursue, depending on your interests and gifts.

Community Pharmacist

As a community pharmacist, you'll be responsible for distributing prescription medications to customers in private or retail pharmacies. Every day you'll interact with people face-to-face and give advice on minor illnesses and basic health information consumers need to improve their health care outcomes.

Most importantly, you'll be tasked with ensuring that all medications are correctly labelled, all dosages are correct, and liaising with physicians to ensure that every person gets accurate medications and instructions for their health needs.


A degree in pharmacy can be your first step towards a future in toxicological research. This career demands a firm foundation in the sciences, like biology and chemistry. And the curiosity to identify how chemicals can help, or harm, the human organism.

Medical Researcher

As a medical researcher, you'll be involved in conducting experiments that improve medications and medical interventions. As a researcher, you might also be a leader in developing new diagnostic methods, health interventions, or disease preventions.

Experience Has No Substitute

You know that hands-on experience is crucial for success in any health care career. At JCU, you'll have the opportunity to work in professional practices and clinical placements to use your knowledge and hone your skills.

Study in small classes under lecturers who take a personal interest in your development as a pharmacist. With over 600 hours of practical placement through your course, you'll graduate with the experience employers are looking for. As you work in the field of pharmacy, your training and knowledge will come together as you master the practical aspects of pharmaceutical practice.

One of the best things about working as a pharmacist is the chance to work directly with people, offering advice and interventions that can improve everyday outcomes. This all starts with a strong foundation in the key sciences and an understanding of how medications and bodily systems interact.

Start your degree course with foundational studies in biochemistry, microbiology, chemistry, and human anatomy and physiology. Learn how our cells function, how diseases affect the body, and the biochemical pathways medicines exploit to treat disease.

You’ll also learn about chemical structures and their effect on receptors and organs. As you practice applying these concepts to medicines, you'll see the intricate links between chemistry, biology, microbiology and healthy life.  This will make you both a competent and confident health care professional.

A pharmacy job involves an in-depth understanding of sciences, medications, and the technical aspects of dosing, labelling, transport, and even business management. But a successful pharmacist goes beyond the technical to master the personal.

Communicate to Patients

As a pharmacist, you must be able to communicate with those you seek to help and influence others who are also making critical decisions about your patients care. You'll need to take complicated concepts and explain them clearly to patients, be able to consider problems from perspectives other than your own and diagnose the essential knowledge gaps in order to influence the best patient and community outcomes.

Understand All Cultures

At JCU, you'll learn details of the Australian health care system and how culture, demographics, and history affect peoples’ health. You'll gain understanding in the disadvantage faced by marginalised groups and the impact of geography and distance on those communities in rural and remote areas.

Work in a Team

A pharmacist is just one health care provider. At JCU’s pharmacy school, you'll work alongside leading professionals and learn how to liaise with doctors, nurses and allied health professionals to bring about the best outcomes for your patients. You’ll build your network of professional connections across the field as you study.

With the skills you develop through your pharmacy degree, you'll be prepared to manage disease in partnership with your patients. Few things are more rewarding than expertly and efficiently managing patient presentation before they become critical, these interventions not only improve the health for individuals, but the outcomes for families and whole communities.

At JCU, you'll learn about the epidemiological challenges that face the nation in its unique tropical environment. You'll learn about disease patterns and critical and emerging issues such as antibiotic resistance.

Your studies will also take you beyond pharmaceuticals to broaden your understanding of non-drug interventions and when they are most appropriate. As a well-rounded professional, you'll have the skills to understand patient needs and recommend the right treatment, whether it be prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, a non-drug option or referral to another professional service.  You will be ready for anything.

If you have a passion for helping others and the drive to dig into the science behind medicines, choose JCU’s pharmacy school. JCU is committed to student success. Small class sizes, world-class educators and unique experiences, JCU pharmacy program produces the graduates employers are looking for.

Your world-class education begins here, at JCU. Learn more about JCU's pharmacy program and how it can set you on the path to a rewarding and successful career.